9 Sweet Names To Call Your Husband

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1) Handsome

Handsome is an appealing moniker for your spouse that also acts as a praise to let him know you think him handsome.

2) Hubby

Hubby is the shortened version of the word husband, and it is a cute moniker that you may call your spouse, especially while speaking to your friends about him.

3) Honey

Honey is a traditional word of affection that has been utilized for centuries. It gives a touch of sweetness and warmth to your connection.

4) Darling

It connotes closeness and tenderness, making it a perfect name for expressing your love and appreciation for your partner.

5) Sweetheart

"Sweetheart" is also a nice name for your husband, especially if you believe him to have a pure heart and a pleasant disposition.

6) Baby

Baby or baby is an affectionate and loving epithet. It implies a strong emotional link and a profound relationship.

7) Boo

Boo is a lively and affectionate name that is perfect for couples that enjoy having fun. It is a charming name that indicates to your spouse how much you like his company.

8) King

It is a lovely name to choose if you want to express your appreciation for your husband's strength, protection, and love.

9) Sunshine

Sunshine is a pleasant and uplifting name that is ideal for men who brighten your day.

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