All Details About Taco Bell's New Cheesy Chicken Crispanada

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This fried, meat-filled pastry may seem like Taco Bell's Hot Pocket, but it's the most talked-about item of Taco Bell's third 2023 experience.

It's created local headlines for the city providing it, fired up fans wondering what other goods it may hint are returning, and made all of our tongues fear getting singed by its boiling-hot contents.

The Crispanada is available alone for $3.49 or in a box with one crispy taco, a small bag of cinnamon twist, and a medium fountain drink for $5.

In either version, the Crispanada is accompanied by a novel spicy ranch sauce, which promotional photographs show piled in a little plastic ramekin.

The Crispanada is a fried cheese pie with gourmet mayonnaise for the calorie-conscious. You calculate.

Go to Knoxville, Tennessee. Taco Bell tests products in particular cities.

The new $2 Double Stacked Tacos are being tested in Birmingham, Alabama, but why the Crispanada is debuting in Ruby Tuesday's hometown is unknown.

Local media have reported the Crispanada's availability at two Taco Bell locations: one in Fountain City and one overlooking a retail mall along Chapman Highway.

The U.S. Highway 441, which runs from north of Knoxville to Miami, may have been chosen to attract long-haul road-trippers across the South.

Taco Bell Experiences are short-lived, with 10 launched annually. Living Más has projected calendar release dates for the remaining seven this year.

Next three test items leaked. The Crispanada may not survive Experience 4's April 20 (nice) commencement.

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