They are very clever and also come first in lying. 

As creatures of the night, they are rarely caught lying, often holding important information and truths.


They can do anything to save their ego, usually when they lie, they can be caught easily.

When the Leo is having a rough day, he can be brutally honest.


They are expert in hiding their lies.

They mostly tell the truth, but sometimes they want to hide something, then they know how to hide it.


Libras are so uncomfortable with direct confrontation, they often tell lies to deflect blame.

Make sure they know that avoidance isn't the best kind of emotional defence by being compassionate if you ever catch them lying.


These beings are completely self-absorbed and egocentric, and they have no qualms about acknowledging or defending their dishonesty.

They are also prone to making empty promises in order to gain your trust and cooperation in order to acquire what they want.

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