Canada Stopped Selling Bagel Bites

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Canada boasts inexpensive healthcare, beautiful countryside, and a mounted police force with nice outfits. The U.S. wins in snack food availability.

In 2022, many Canadian Bagel Bites enthusiasts discovered that their favorite frozen snack was no longer available.

Why? Did the southern Great Lakes avoid a massive Bagel Bites scandal? Did the snack include a Canadian-banned ingredient? We're unaware.

Instead, Canada no longer sells the snacks since they are no longer made there. Bagel Bites gave no justification.

"Sorry, this particular range of items you are seeking for has been discontinued," the firm replied on Twitter to Canadian consumers' outrage.

The account also said they were no intentions to return to Canada soon. But, it promised to notify the Bagel Bites marketing team.

This suggests that these treats were eliminated because they weren't selling well, but public uproar might bring them back.

Canadian snack enthusiasts also lost Little Debbie cakes and Bagel Bites. No Swiss Rolls, Zebra Cakes, or Cosmic Brownies!

The company's single Canadian distributor "terminated their business connection with our brands for reasons that are completely their own." Strange, but perhaps sales were down.

Bad things happen in threes, and Bugles—those corn chip finger dunce caps—are no longer offered in Canada. The snack business tweeted to a disgruntled buyer that its items were unavailable in the nation.

Canadians, we have Bugles, Bagel Bites, and Little Debbies in the lower 48, so come on down!

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