Aries you are truly a protective couple and support all kinds of disagreements in marriage but despite regular fights you are very kind and loyal towards your husband.


Taurus you can do everything to make you successful in marriage but the breakdown of the relationship between you affects you mentally and subtly.


Gemini is a true romantic at heart, if you are married you are loyal to your partner but over time you get bored which can lead to more problems in marriage.


Cancer is not difficult for you to maintain a successful streak because you prioritize love and marriage over anything else and your partner loves about you.


Leo You are a wonderful partner because you love marrying your lover and sometimes you feel the need to flirt with others just to break the monotony.


Virgo You can be emotionally clever at times, no matter what your problem is big because you remove all the frustration from your spouse which makes you a big bully.


Libra commitment scares you if you decide to get married you will eventually walk the path of divorce because according to you marriage will only slow you down.


Scorpio You project your fear too much onto your partner even if you love the idea of marriage it becomes a curse for you when jealousy and a sense of ownership dominate your marriage.


Sagittarius You get married to live like ordinary people and when you live with your partner your behavior becomes very unusual and different because ultimately marriage means boredom to you.


Capricorn You are a very loyal and loving husband, but you also work on stereotypes and complain to your spouse that he does not act like a perfect match in front of everyone.


Aquarius You may be the most loving for your partner but when the children get in your way your affection for the spouse changes completely.


You are so gentle and so sweet in marriage you don't speak up when your partner makes mistakes the only thing you can do is talk and tell your partner about the problems you face in your marriage.

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