When you achieve success you rejoice and the more challenging something is the better it is and you enjoy a lot of physical activities to release your fiery energy.


You become very happy when you have safety stability money and luxury in abundance and a good meal melts away as soon as you think of a comfortable massage and a large soft bed to sleep on.


You can enjoy communicating twins learning new things and being surrounded by people who make them laugh and especially write your letters by hand choosing great stationery and finding the right stamps.


You love your home family and good food especially if you have helped cook it because you know that when food is cooked with love it is life giving.


You like to feel admired, admired and confident and you have a lot of fun creating meaningful things that are willing to kill and give generously.


You need to take a break from your first love work and problem solving and let yourself rest in sweet peace and you can find real joy in arranging exquisite flowers.


You people are happy to be judged and surrounded by harmony, peace and stability and derive pleasure from all the beautiful things and also in feeling beautiful and in excitement when you are in love.


You get immense satisfaction from finding the secret and finding the answer by uncovering the truth and live in joyous joy when you are with your loved ones.


You are very happy to be a philosopher and feel delighted walking along a gorgeous mountain path with large tall trees under a wild blue sky.


You are happy to do satisfactory work to show lots of cash gold and diamonds and feel respected for your diligence in all things.


You feel real joy in being a good friend and enjoy feeling second because they think outside of normal standards and use their inner talents to create ways to create anything.


You gain great depth of joy through entertainment singing, dancing and performing and you are a very loving person and feel blessed when you have a solid support system to make people safe.

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