Virgos are the most emotionally absent because they are shy to talk to others and are afraid to show their weaknesses.


Capricorns are always alone which makes it seem that they are emotionally absent from their close ones.


Gemini people are emotionally absent because they have ever seen their close ones make fun of their feelings and they don't want it to happen to them again.


Aquarius people do not connect their heart to anyone because they are afraid of heartbreak so try to stay away from them and remain emotionally absent.


Aries people are so immersed in their work that you do not get time to express your feelings due to which you are emotionally absent.


Leo's emotions depend on their partner and when their partner doesn't give them time he turns them away a bit emotionally.


The reason why Libras is emotionally distant is their sticky partner who sticks to them all the time and doesn't leave them.


Scorpions are emotionally absent because they are looking for someone they can connect with on a deep emotional level.


Sagittarius protects their heart They are afraid to commit to the wrong person. If your Sagittarius partner does not speak openly then you may not be the right person for him.


Pisces need the attention and support of their partners which makes them one of the emotionally distant signs.


Taurus love their partner and find ways to express it when they are both open about their feelings that make them emotionally available.


Cancerians have no trouble speaking their heart out which makes them the most emotionally available signal.

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