Signs of the Zodiac Most Likely to Break Your Heart


Sagittarians do not like to be tied down or committed to anything, this is because they prefer to be independent. 

When the people of Sagittarius get involved with someone, then before breaking his heart, he will tell how much this relationship means to him.


Due to the instability of Aries, this person does not think even for a moment before falling in love and leaving him, when the meaning of the relationship is over, he breaks it.


After winning someone's heart, Gemini takes them completely into confidence, after which there is no idea when this person will keep them away from themselves.


Capricorns want to stay in a safe relationship because they do not like to take risks at all,

and when their partner withdraws from them or is not interested, they do not think even once to break the relationship.


Aquarians believe that no one can match their intellectual level and they never need anyone,

yet when they enter into a relationship, their fear of intimacy and their habit of being impulsive let's finish.

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