smart habits of the ultra-rich Personality

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Own Real Estate

Their own house, second homes, investment properties, and fractional ownership of investment properties through Arriving Homes and Roofstock One.

their homes are modest

"Modest, middle-class house" is ambiguous. These are 1,500–3,500-square-foot houses in safe, tidy areas with decent schools.

live on a firm's budget

Millionaires budget and save, then invest. These assets generate passive income, which they reinvest, producing a money snowball.

money works for them

As said above, budgets are about building a feedback loop to increase revenue and wealth.

invest in themselves

When a mistake becomes a habit, it becomes a problem. That greasy meat-lovers pizza and that "Made Under Cuban Supervision" cigar.

Constantly measuring their goals

Success is earned. Goal-oriented conduct leads to success. If you want to achieve anything—financial, romantic, fitness, or parenting—you must define it.

take responsibilities

They use cloud backup if their PC crashes. Or they admit to not having a cloud backup. They realize they are responsible for the outcome, not their cranky computer.

always around popular peoples

Popular people think differently. Distinctive speech. They assume there is a way around obstacles when working toward long-term goals.

budget friendly

Cheap indicates getting the cheapest goods or service, regardless of quality.

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