The Animal You Are, As Per Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries: Polar Bear

Polar bears are undoubtedly the Aries of the animal realm. Polar bears, like you, Aries, are self-proclaimed adventurers; they wander on land or sea ice.

Taurus: Caribou

You, as a Taurus, possess the characteristics of the caribou. Like you, they are trustworthy and diligent, and possess chiseled good looks.

Gemini: Sea Otter

Since Geminis are the zodiac's party animals, sea otters are the "party animals of the sea." You're both extremely curious, quick-witted, and engaging.

Cancer: Elephant

Cancer, you feel everything, which makes you similar to the elephant, which is regarded to be the most empathic species in the animal kingdom.

Leo: Wolf

When it comes to the Leo zodiac sign, "courageous" is an understatement, which is why you're so compatible with the wolf.

Virgo: Honey Bee

The importance of order and structure to Virgos makes you a perfect match with the honey bee.

Libra: Flamingo

Libras value balance, and who better than the graceful flamingo? These beautiful birds are easygoing and well-groomed.

Scorpio: Komodo Dragon

Because Scorpios exude "cool," the tenacious Komodo dragon is a fitting symbol for this sign. Both of you are courageous and daring persons.

Sagittarius: Dolphin

Dolphins are sociable and fun-loving creatures, therefore they are the ideal symbol for the lively Sagittarius. You are always up for an impromptu challenge!

Capricorn: Snow Leopard

Capricorns are the snow leopards of the animal kingdom. These huge cats are motivated beings who become laser-focused on attaining any objective they set for themselves.

Aquarius: Platypus

The platypus is the most unique and odd animal there is, just like you, Aquarius. Platypuses look like an otter, a beaver, and a duck had a baby, but they are their own species.

Pisces: Swan

What better animal for a person who loves a lot than one that represents love? Swans are beautiful and wise, which makes them a great symbol for the Pisces sign.

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