They thrive on commission-based jobs especially if there are any bonuses, this government does well in the fields of politics, television and entertainment.


One of the things that Taurus people enjoy is stability, they will work hard to get some guarantees about the best jobs for Taurus accountant, engineer, lawyer and designer.


Geminis are optimistic and full of energy they should be encouraged to go and express themselves instead of sticking to traditional norms, gemini main jobs: stockbroker,teacher and rescue worker.


Cancer traits make great officers and easily assume responsibility and are creative problem solvers and the best cancer jobs for Cancer social workers, childcare, CEOs and soldiers.


Leos do best when they are in the spotlight, Leo people have spontaneity and creativity and leos have jobs for CEO, real estate agents, interior designers.


Virgos are known for their perfection and remember things and there are jobs for Virgos editors, writers, teachers, researchers.


Librans are drawn to art and are more likely to be lead singers for bands while interacting with audiences rather than songwriters, the best jobs for librarians are dancers, travel agents, supervisors.


Scorpios are curious and often attracted to puzzles, they need your freedom and the trust of your employers and the best jobs for them are detectives, lawyers, scientists, surgeons.


Sagittarius people are spiritualists and can translate well into career including environmental animal consultation and religion and are the best jobs for them. Secretary, animal instructor and travel related to travel.


People of Capricorn are very ambitious and they need challenges to be happy, so they are the best jobs for them. Manager, administrator, editor and anything related to science.


Aquarius is of emotional curious and courageous nature. They are more likely to get an unconventional job, so the best jobs for them are scientists, inventors, pilots, musicians.


Pisces people are also very comfortable and many astrologers and tarot doctors are of Pisces, so the best jobs for them are artists, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists.