The Most Forgiving Zodiac Sign

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Cancer, a cardinal water sign, restores their closest ties. They'll easily extend an olive branch because they hate being apart from loved ones.


Air signs constantly look ahead. They adore problem-solving and keeping things moving. Holding onto anything too long will hinder their innovation.


After an altercation, they may be irritable and upset, but they recover faster than most. They don't take things seriously either, so whatever disturbed them won't last long.

Air signs are forgiving and will be your Buddy again. Offering a nice time may speed up forgiveness.


If they like you or you can entertain or adventure with them, Sagittarius will forgive you. They hate being trapped in an argument, therefore they'll forgive you as soon as possible.


They require balance, so they'll evaluate all viewpoints without hesitation.

They'll take things to heart yet wish to move on and start anew. If it's just, they'll forgive.


Pisces might be a pushover when it comes to coping with distressing events like a buddy disagreement, therefore they'll forgive quickly to restore balance and serenity.

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