Aries people get overwhelmed with jealousy due to being emotional and moody and they don't experience jealousy like other zodiac signs but when they do you should run away.


Taurus people are possessive and insecure but do not have a jealous side, but if these people display a little jealousy then definitely something will be bothering them a lot.


Gemini people have many reasons to feel jealous and they have a certain level of understanding and instead of being jealous of people they stand up and support them.


Cancerians experience a little jealousy but have the talent to hide it, they often do not tell others when they recover from jealousy but if they do then you are ready for a drama.


Leo people are cute and emotional and when their partner pays attention to something more than them, they start getting jealous.


Virgos experience a lot of jealousy they are very critical of themselves and they get over jealousy if someone does something better than them.


Libra is one of the wisest zodiac signs and it is a rare thing to be jealous for them they do not like confrontation or conflict, so if Libra is jealous then you will never know.


Scorpios are the most jealous and do not trust anyone so that they make false accusations made out of pure jealousy and if someone is standing next to their partner, they are filled with jealousy.


Sagittarius people are different and they are not jealous of anyone, they do not like to hold people back and it seems that people are jealous of them rather than they are jealous of them in another way.


Capricornpeople do not experience jealousy as much but sometimes they have thoughts of jealousy due to small things but they control themselves due to self control.


Aquarius people's way of experiencing jealousy is the most different if Aquarius people have a legitimate problem arising out of jealousy then they will talk about it and solve any problem that happens to anyone.


Pisces are never jealous, jealousy is completely rare for them because of their kind nature and love for people they do not feel jealousy or hatred towards anyone.

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