Gemini people can be so vaguely clever and very independent and they also know how to provoke a fight.


Scorpios have big trust problems that can make things really toxic in a relationship and Scorpios also know how to play mind games and they love it.


Virgos can be very controlled fault makers and overly critical they have very high standards and will never let go of anything so be prepared for constant resentment.


Taurus don't really like fighting so they will try to avoid it but don't cross the border with them as you will see bulls coming out.


It is very hard to try to win in logic with Aries and this sign can be angry selfish and not too cautious and they have no problem bursting.


Leos are more toxic in themselves than anyone else if they have a problem with you they will not only bother so toxic but they are very strict on themselves.


Sagittarius may be completely ignorant as if nothing has happened and admitting any mistakes made by any Sagittarius person is an extreme achievement.


Cancerians can be emotional manipulators and like to bounce empathy around and that's where it can be toxic in your relationship with them.


Aquarius suppresses their emotions which makes it difficult to fix any issue and it can be difficult to build a deep and important relationship with Aquarius.


Capricorn's behavior may not be the most toxic but it does not hesitate to say terrible things about people and situations.


Libraries have very good relationships and a large part of their negative properties are neat which makes them one of the least toxic signals.


Pisces are the least toxic sign because they are known to be sacrificial sympathetic and loving.

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