Leo people have a lot of desire from life, they are never satisfied easily, and they are constantly trying to make life better secondly,

 these people have a habit of turning everyone's attention towards themselves and this does not happen. he starts crying like a baby


People of Libra zodiac like to maintain their balance in every place of life and they want that people should maintain sympathy and kindness with them, 

for which this person keeps twisting things and does not hesitate to tell other people wrong. Doing and not being able to do so, these people go to one side and start crying.


Cancerians are one of the very emotional people, that is why when their feelings are played with or their partner in a relationship cheats them, they start crying.


People of Aquarius can never be satisfied with anything or things, these people keep complaining about things even when things are right.

People who live close to these people, they have a lot of feelings for them, sometimes despite everything happening, these people just keep on crying.


Pisces people want people to revolve around them and see things as they want, the reason for getting more of these people often leaves them crying.

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