The people of Gemini zodiac are also mysterious with dual nature, due to which the mood of these people cannot be guessed,


these people give their different reactions in everything, but when it comes to marriage, they are far away from it.

Cancerians like to live in their own world, they believe that they do not need anyone, nor do they like to be under pressure, 


 because of all this, they do not share their feelings with anyone. And neither run away in the name of marriage.

Sagittarius people do not compromise with their freedom, no matter what happens, even these people look to change their views,


these people do not like anyone's interference in their personal life, that is why there is delay in the name of marriage. 

Being aggressive by nature, Capricorn people sometimes take such decisions due to which the people associated with them have to face trouble and this is the reason that keeps them from marriage.


The people of Aquarius often give place to misunderstandings inside themselves, due to which these people do not understand things easily. 


Because of these habits, these people do not want to grow in bondage because they feel that marriage can put them under stress.

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