Most of the people get nervous in the first meeting, but not talking much in the first date is not a good sign.

More silence between the two

It is not good to ask too many questions in the first date, it gives a negative impression.

Asking of too much questions

Your mind should be fully focused and attentive, this is the most important thing.

Your mind is drifting

Even remembering your ex boyfriend girlfriend can ruin your date.

Your ex is on your mind

It is also necessary to have something common in dating partners so that they get some indication of being a perfect match.

No simmilarities between the two

Almost everyone faces nervousness in the first date, if you are uncomfortable then it is not a good sign.

Feel uncomfortable in their company

People of this zodiac are very energetic and according to their energy, they should keep Labrador retriever or German Shepherd.

More silence between the two

Your manners reflect your personality, so it is important to behave well on the first date.

Lack of manners

In a romantic restaurant with good music and soft lighting, you and your date have no chemistry.

Zero Chemistry

Drinking too much alcohol in the first meeting, you can also lose your temper, which can be a bad experience for you.

Avoid too much alcohol

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