If within five minutes of meeting you he boasts about how much money he makes and that's the best thing for you and lives a short life volunteering for dangerous medical experiments.


They expect your love and cooking in the house and you are obviously there for their pleasure and convenience but they never felt like they should give back a little bit.


They don't know how to prepare themselves, they have less taste in comedy music and movies but unless it's a pretty female face they are completely blind to all the beauty of the world.


If they didn't have women to look at they would constantly hit things and tangle their shoelaces it's surprising that they could even erase themselves without any help.


Only men hesitate to give their time to meet their loved ones in the hospital or help less fortunate people if they had only one heart, they would have been fine.


What's the deal with men and snoring? Why is it that when they fall asleep, it feels like they're trying to smell the universe with their nostrils? But that doesn't mean we have to like it.


Neglect. Why do boys whose face resembles the surface of the moon always feel the need to tell women that they will become a little beautiful if they get rid of their acne?


If they're not licking your face like a bulldog in the heat they're pressing your tongue down through you like they're trying to remove dinner from your stomach.


They have no sense of romance they want a man to walk five miles into the woods and come back with the most beautiful wildflower you've ever seen.


The primary struggle in a man's life is to distance himself from his mother and define himself against her but most of them are dependent on women for almost everything and this is quite a turnoff.


Fear of commitment calling you another woman's name during s*x? It seems they're less afraid of catching shingles than just settling down with a girl.


grossness. What's worse than the stain they leave on their shorts is that they find it all cute and fun rather than the vomit inducing ones we find any of them attractive.

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