You may be quick to pull triggers by being unaware of your responsibility to other people this leads to a firm and fast decision to kill someone.


You resent your own trauma and have trouble seeing negative beliefs and they can become a peaceful studious killer in the quest to make your life more livable.


In your desire to free someone and kill anyone along the way you can simply think of your way toward justification by becoming practical.


You suppress your anger until they come into intimate contact they will kill for their outburst with passion.


If they are deeply wounded and their decision goes against someone's life they kill them.


Virgo is a sign of sacrifice and they can limit their emotional world to the point where they feel they have no choice but to kill.


Libra may feel overly powerless and murder as the ultimate battle for power because the one on whom they depend makes decisions for them.


Scorpios may be dismissed where human contact is no longer important so murder can feel like connecting with someone who has no choice but to see what they are really capable of.


Sagittarius people are preoccupied with ideology and may lack emotional awareness due to their belief system when they kill they believe it is right to do it.


Capricorns are pressure restricted and frustrated and sometimes to the point where the only thing that makes them feel alive is murder.


If Aquarius people don't manage to socially connect they may develop an aversion to the entire human race and find murder amusing.


Pisces are ruled by an ocean of emotions and when they commit murder they probably don't even know why they did it.

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