You make everyone feel so that they are dull and it would be wrong to call you a workhore because you work so hard even horses around you get tired.


The ambition is the blood that runs in your veins and turns his head on his way to move forward while climbing the stairs of success and who steps on his neck it doesn't matter you.


You push yourself more difficult than any boss. You will not be ready for a single mistake and will often be completed before it is asked to do any task.


When you talk about working hard, many of you work up to their fingers but it is lazy people among you who spoil the rest.


You alone do far better work than groups and you have a determination of a long distance runner and you complete every project.


You never waste your hard work due to laziness but you work slowly and systematically like a bumpy khabar crab but you usually meet your goals.


Are you a hardworking or you are lazy because you start things but rarely finish them and you quickly lose interest and easily distract.


You are a popular member on team projects but it is difficult for you to be excited about work and you work hard but easily get tired.


When it comes to work you need someone to push you, you're not at all self motivated, the only thing that motivates you to do it is sleep.


You're not always dynamic and it's very hard to train you it's a pleasure to be around you but you're not a great partner when it comes to getting things done.


You like to work for yourself you're prone to throwing annoyance and quitting the job not because the job is useless but because you don't want to work.


Set the alarm in a busy day for you and then pressing the snooze button repeatedly you would prefer to go to jail instead of doing a day's job because people do nothing much in jail.

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